“Since 100% natural cork (greater negative carbon footprint) is our raw material of choice, and in particular intended for white drinks and drinks with a high alcohol content, JCP also presents alternatives in cork (e.g. micro agglomerate), being able to supply both capsulated (ready to bottle) or to be capped by third parties. In any case, JCP always guarantees a product free of odors, particles and coloring (pigmentation). In addition, it presents other complementary and special products, produced from cork.”

General Catalog

Capsulated cork stoppers, in 100% natural or agglomerated cork

Capsule-free cork stoppers, 100% natural or agglomerated cork

With the expertise we have developed in transforming cork into special shapes, obtained in the production of tens of millions of units for one of the most famous brands of white drinks, JCP has developed a second range of products which, in addition to being suitable for capsulating , can serve as packaging for other products such as perfumes, cooking oils, spices, etc…

Cork balls for sporting activities (yoga, cricket, hockey, badminton, whistles, etc…)

Seals for dispensers in 100% natural or agglomerated cork

Large stoppers for special containers and other special products, in 100% natural or agglomerated cork